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Section 2 below is merely supporting information which may or may not prove useful With thanks to Al who has been throwing lots of information and documents at me recently – I hope I’ve managed to summarise the situation succinctly, and, more to the point, accurately. For those who do not have i Phones, try or uk for GPS speed camera detectors – but before you buy something, make sure it will work in Italy.

Note that the older type ‘radar detectors’ are illegal in most European countries, and you will be fined if you are caught using one.

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Not paying may cause you problems if you return to Italy within 5 years or so of an alleged offence.

Other updates follow, but most of what you need to know is in Section 1. Some readers, i Phone users, for example, may be interested to hear that there is an i Phone application which can warn you of the presence of speed cameras – it’s called i Speed Cam Italy, and can be bought here for a couple of dollars: i Speed Cam Italy on Apple’s i Tunes store.

There are now three sections: Don’t forget to read the most recent comments as they may well answer any questions you have – many of the questions are similar – Thanks.

I’ve been getting lots of email from people on the subject of fines, so instead of repeating myself many times over, here’s how I understand the situation – BUT I am not a lawyer.

If anyone has had experience of this, please let us know in a comment. If you are renting a car for a trip in Italy, some car rental agencies are now offering passes for entry into limited traffic (ZTL) zones in some of Italy’s cities and towns.

Information on this is still rather sketchy, although the website of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs does mention it.If, by chance, someone has read this post, the comments, and then decided not to pay, then do not blame me if you end up with problems as a result.Any and all advice I have provided to others has been and is provided informally – I am not an authority, and have not made any claim to not suggest or condone the non-payment of fines.If I did, I would probably end up in big trouble here in Italy, and seeing as I live, work and have family here, I would like to avoid such a situation.This period is 5 years from the date of the offence was committed, as far as both Al, who has been reading up on this, and I am aware.

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