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Collins said Du Pont's agriculture portfolio remains strong and will get a boost from Dow's pipeline."We continue to be excited about our agriculture lineup," he said.Du Pont, meanwhile, will acquire FMC's 0 million Health & Nutrition business.

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It will also get Du Pont's crop protection research and development pipeline with the exception of seed treatment, nematicides and late-stage research program.

The assets being divested generated about $1.4 billion in revenue last year, according to Du Pont's regulatory filings.

It is not known when those jurisdictions could render a verdict on the deal.

Breen said Du Pont is "very deep into the conversation" with U. regulators."I would expect the process to move rather rapidly now," he told The News Journal.

Breen also eliminated 1,700 Delaware jobs, including 200 in Du Pont's Central Research and Development division at its other major research hub, the Experimental Station. The specialty products company will be one of two spinoffs that will be headquartered in Delaware.

Rich Heffron, president of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, said FMC's purchase of Stine-Haskell was "very important" for Delaware."We've gone from 'They are going to close Stine-Haskell' to 'They are going to divest Stine-Haskell, and the jobs will stay here,'" he said. Chris Coons, D-Del., called the deal "great news" for Delaware."There is a tremendous amount of potential growth from FMC as they continue to a much stronger competitor in the agriculture industry," he said. A third, material sciences, will be based in Dow's hometown of Midland, Michigan."Delaware wins in two ways," Carper said of the swap.

"Stine-Haskell is going to become the global R&D center for FMC and our primary discovery center."Once the Dow and Du Pont merger is complete, the Haskell portion will become the global hub for the combined company's testing operations, said James C. Collins said upgrades are planned for the Haskell space, but it is too early to provide specifics.

About 50 employees work on the Haskell side."We've always known that we needed to retain the Haskell laboratories," he said.

In March 2016, Du Pont relocated researchers affiliated with its hybrid seed unit, Pioneer, from Stine-Haskell to Pioneer's headquarters in Johnston, Iowa.

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