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In 1965, Meg Bentley becomes a nurse at General Hospital. Brooke seduces Noel away from Meg, and Meg is comforted by Lee Baldwin. In 1969, Meg learns she has breast cancer and has a radical mastectomy. She returned for a guest appearance on the show's 30th anniversary episode on April 1, 1993. Steve Hardy (John Beradino), the Chief of Staff at General Hospital.

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IRISH charmer Eoghan Quigg appeared on the X Factor in 2008.

After leaving the show in the semi-finals, he disappeared from the public eye.

When their relationship ends, Tom leaves the country with the child, with the help of Florence Andrews.

Eventually, the child is sent back to Audrey, who is told that Tom died of a heart attack.

When Audrey refuses to sleep with him, Tom is furious and rapes Audrey.

When Audrey learns she is pregnant, she files for divorce and leaves town.

Angie returns in April 1993 and visits with Steve the same day as his 30th anniversary at General Hospital.

Angie is related to Steve and Audrey through marriage, as her father-in-law, Al Weeks, married Audrey's sister, Lucille, years after Angie was seen on the show.

By 1971, Lee was thrilled to welcome Meg back from the mental institution, supposedly recovered from her mental breakdown.

Now, Meg suffered from a severe case of hypertension. Lesley Williams, a strikingly beautiful doctor, was assigned to her case at General Hospital.

She is eventually cured, but seeks treatment from Dr. After surgery, Angie is upset that her face will be disfigured and causes trouble and stress for Dr. Angie recovers from plastic surgery and has an illegitimate child with Eddie, which they give up for adoption to Fred and Janet Fleming (Simon Scott and Ruth Phillips).

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