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Using the calendar effectively can help you stay organized, on time, and on task.You can schedule and track appointments, meetings, and events, and block time as a reminder to yourself to take care of tasks.

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They would try to schedule a meeting and add users and rooms but they always got the “No free/busy information could be retrieved, Your server Location could not be determined” This was on a Windows 8 machine with Outlook 2013 connecting to a Exchange 2007 server.

No other users were having this issue with the exact same configuration.

This chapter guides you through procedures related to scheduling and changing appointments, events, and meetings; responding to meeting requests; and displaying different views of a calendar.

Appointments are blocks of time you schedule for only yourself (as opposed to meetings, to which you invite other Outlook users).

You can schedule an event in an appointment window, or directly on the calendar.

Important The procedures in this chapter assume that you’re working with an Exchange account.

If you inadvertently add the same set of holidays to the calendar twice, the easiest way to rectify the situation is to remove all occurrences of that location’s holidays and then add them again.

Outlook has a number of different availability configurations.

You can use the Outlook 2016 calendar to organize your daily activities and to remind you of important tasks and events.

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