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If you can't imagine it, watch this video to see a it being built.

I cannot stress how incredibly powerful it is to see such places of pristine natural wildlife.

For those of you interested in traveling to Mongolia, the sights are plenty.

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Small necessities such as toothbrushes and towels are stuck in the top.

World Expeditions is widely recognised for ground breaking Responsible Tourism initiatives.

The sound of rain pitter-pattering whilst in your ger is incredibly serene. I couldn't fit all of the fun into this list, so watch out for the next one.

Just a note, if you think the ger is small and you are curious about where the nomads put all of their belongings, one hint are the rungs of the ger on the top. In the meantime, if you've got comments and suggestions, please contribute below.

Otherwise, charge your mp3 or bring portable speakers. Side note: Our crew for my birthday trip brought portable speakers and they were literally a BLAST. The French hippies, the Israeli solo traveler, the re-pat traveling the homeland... Dry shampoo I hear is the new rage, if you are fussy, bring a bottle of that.

Listening to Johnny Cash under the summer solstice moon with a bon-fire was ideal. You will be most likely surprised and bewildered by how far some have come to see Mongolia, and how long some have been traveling here. In some luxury ger camps, you will find some solar and heated showers.

When he returns three years later, he discovers that his fiancée is pregnant by another man and he is unable to forgive her.

Written and directed by Xie Fei, a Chinese director who is a master of broadly emotional but politically pointed filmmaking (The Woman from the Lake of Scented Souls, The Girl from Hunan), A Mongolian Tale offers an understanding of unwed motherhood that is hardly a staple of the moralistic mainland Chinese cinema.

Most of these vans have stereo systems that work with CASSETTE tapes.

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