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Consistently paying off the balance for about a year may then earn your partner an upgrade to a traditional credit card with a solid credit limit—maybe even rewards.But most importantly, your spouse’s behavior using the secured card will also be reported to the major credit reporting agencies, which in turn helps to raise his or her credit score.

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…don’t co-sign on the dotted line Taking on a new credit card and using it responsibly is yet another way to help improve one’s credit rating.

But if your partner needs you to co-sign or be added as “secondary” borrower, think twice. If your spouse falls behind on payments, the bank could come after your money.

“There’s no easy way to separate yourself from it,” says Ulzheimer.

“When the two of you break up, you’re still connected via the liability, whether you want to be or not.” A better idea: Introduce your partner to a secured card, designed for borrowers who can’t qualify for a regular credit card yet due to poor or insufficient credit histories.

…but don’t step in to wipe away your partner’s missteps Think twice before using up personal savings to clear your partner’s towering credit card balance.

If the debt stems from reckless and irresponsible spending, bailing out your spouse won’t teach any lessons.Also just make sure to monitor his or her spending activity regularly.If your partner gets too swipe-happy you may want to cancel access so you don’t see your score come down or your balance go up beyond what you can afford to pay.You load it with your own money—usually between 0 to 0—and proceed to spend.You can only charge as much as you put down as collateral.(You must be a member of DCU to apply, though you can join with a donation to Reach Out for Schools.) The catch with a secured card is that it’s very easy to charge up to the credit limit, but that’s no good for your credit score.

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