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organizes all religious bodies in North America into twenty (20) families.

The Bible explicitly teaches that God still loves the Jewish people. By the end of the Tribulation a great remnant will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In fact, when the Six Day War occurred in 1967, there was not a single Messianic congregation in the entire world.

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One is called Replacement Theology, and the other is called Dual Covenant Theology. This doctrine teaches that the Church has replaced Israel. Replacement Theology has been a huge contributor to anti-Semitism. Our preachers have to be very careful when it comes to denigrating God’s divine working with the Jewish people.

All of the promises given to Israel, which are legion, are transferred to the Church. If not denigrating, our pulpits remain silent on Israel’s importance.

Very early on the Church took the position that the Jews were the Christ-killers, and because of that, we must reject them as a discarded people group.

God has rejected them and He has washed His hands of them, they argue. I know through my other Jewish relatives that many, many Jews don’t trust Christians.

I often hear from Jewish friends, “This is our identity.

We’re not taking your Christian identity.” But, being a Jew for Jesus is the fulfillment of our identity.

Personally, I think the Church should honor Israel once a year on the nation’s rebirth anniversary, rather than cursing her by saying she’s been replaced by the Church.

What kind of a covenant keeping God would displace either the Jew or the Christian? One of the biggest objections I hear from people who write in to our ministry, they claim the Jewish people are not believers in God. Therefore, why should we celebrate, or just acknowledge even, Israel?

I think that Messianic Jews today stand out as the first fruits of the remnant.

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