20 year old dating 16 year old legal robert kristen dating again

She has a goal to aim for, she wants to go to Uni to study psychology and work with young offenders.

As for contraception, I'd almost rather not put my 16yo on it.

With it, she is more likely to have unprotected sex.

I've told him if he takes her virginity he'd better make it special as although she will be a notch on his bedpost only, she will remember it the rest of her life!

Jess has so much in front of her, her college work etc and we feel this man has no hope...he suck the life and sparkle out of her? How can he be so selfish when she has her teenage years to live he's already had his.

another thought -- maybe she has some self-esteem issues, if she can't get along with her age group, maybe she's trying to compensate that with an older guy's attention?

I do think the maturity level is VASTLY different at 16 and 22.It was her first weekend out staying with a girl we hardly knew, she managed to get drunk and sleep with this guy over the weekend.They heavy petted but luckily she came home still a virgin.We met the lad yesterday and gave the pair of them a lecture and a half.She is going on the contraceptive injection, and he is going for STI checks too.Let her know she can do better, that she has lots of time for those things and that you've always been so proud of how she has been determined and known what she wanted and you hope she doesn't lose sight of that.

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